Common Ancestor

Current scientific understanding points to Homo Sapiens developing alongside other primates in what is now Ethiopia around 195,000 years ago. At the same time there were various primates of the genus Homo which could have developed into the planet's most dominate lifeform. All of these can trace their ancestry back to Homo habilis, the first of the Homo genus.

Our Common Ancestor beers are inspired by this concept. We used a single mash which would give rise to two different species of beer - one a 3.5% pale ale and the other a 6.4% IPA. The mash contained rye, vienna and pale malts to provide a heavy malty backbone which adds interest to the pale ale and provides a strong malt body to the IPA. We then hopped each beer with Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy to add some fruity hoppiness. These beers are presented at the same time to allow you to experience the differences this divergence in the family tree has caused, or maybe blend the two to gain an insight into what may have been should evolution have taken a different path.