Evolution #11

Over Christmas I finally had the chance to sit down and work on a recipe I have been meaning to do for a long time. We have used East Kent Goldings in a few beers recently, our RyePA, Clovis Point Brown and our Neanderthal but I have yet to keen to use it in an all English hopped pale ale that can really showcase English hops. We've been quite impressed with a few breweries who use pressurised vessels to pump beer through a bed of hops so we decided to create our own hop vessel. This was the first time we tried it (and also the first time we have used quite this quantity of hops) so we had high hopes for the beer. Having tasted the beer from the fermenter it seems to have been well worth while and a technique we will be rolling out on a number roof new beers in the future. The final beer is 5% and hopped with First Gold and East Kent Goldings, with their distinctive honey and spice and aroma.