For The Love Of Darkness

For some people summertime means an end to the dark beers and a focus on the fresh hoppy pale ales that go so well with the hot weather. I must admit I could drink porter all year but experience tells me I am probably in the minority. With this in mind I had flagged the last batch of Cavedweller to be the last for some time, intending it to replace it in the lineup with another pale ale for the summer. The last batch of Cavedweller sold so well, however, that I found myself brewing it again last week, and as I took a sample from the fermenter today I remembered why I love brewing this beer. 

When you take a sample from a fermenter full of a zesty pale ale, the refreshing hop aromas can be incredible, all fruit freshness or piney beauty. Mostly its aromas like that, when I've had 5 days straight in the cave hardly seeing another person, that makes me realise why I love brewing so much. Then there are days like today. That bittersweet coffee, chocolate aroma struck me in stark contrast to the beers in the other FV's. They will sell without any problem all year long, but this beer is my beer, and whether people buy it or not during the summer I'm still going to make it. Even if I have to drink it all myself. There will be another pale beer, as well as a collaboration with an exciting new local business and a few other surprises over the following couple of months, but the Cavedweller will be staying.

New Recipes

Having had a little more time over the last few weeks we have tweak our recipes to improve on the originals. Those changed over the last few weeks include Clovis Point Brown, Prehistoric Amber and Neanderthal. The Clovis has been balanced slightly better, with a touch less malt allowing to hops to stand out a bit clearer. With the Prehistoric Amber we removed the small amount of darker malts leaving the Amber malt as the main character malt and and removing the hint of malt bitterness. The Neanderthal has has a slightly simplified malt profile which makes it smoother and more easy drinking.

We have also changed the way we dry hop our ales which should give a more consistent result than the previous approach.

We have a new beer coming out by the end of the month which will be a stout called Cavedweller. It is 5.8% is brewed with East Kent Goldings hops to provide a fairly traditional stout.

A Quick Post


Its my second week as a full time caveman so in theory I now have loads of time to blog and do all the things I have been meaning to do for ages.. Unfortunately that list is quite long, so just a quick blog entry for now. The brewery is looking nice and shiny at the moment, we have just stripped down and rebuilt the heat exchanger and the malt auger is next on the list.

The rest of the list largely revolves around getting out to pubs and selling some beer, although i had a bit of light relief on Friday working with the guys at Uglyboy on a promo video for the brewery. Slightly worried they are going to pimp me out on some internet dating website, but otherwise it seemed to go well. I guess ill post a link to it here when they have edited it, assuming it isn't too horrific

The Completed Cave

The cave is now complete and we have been brewing for a couple of weeks. We are launching the first three beers at the George and Dragon, Swanscombe on 16th May 2013. The Cavemen will be on hand from about 6pm to talk beer related nonsense. The George and Dragon will also be presented with their Pub of the Year award by Gravesend and Darent Valley CAMRA on the night too