January Beers and New Prices

A little time off over Christmas gave us time to look at our costings from the ground up and has allowed us to drop our prices slightly, which should be good news for everyone. 

We have a new seasonal beer coming early next week, a 3.0% all Kent hopped pale ale. Based loosely on last years EKG green hop ale, this beer uses all East Kent Goldings to give an aroma of honey, backed by a light malt base and a low ABV. We also expect to be getting our first batch of new Citra hops at the end of January which should allow us to get brewing our award winning Citra pale ale again.

Our Christmas Club 6.4% spiced old ale went very well over the festive period and CaveDweller Porter continues to prove popular. Plans for the bottling plant are progressing nicely with conditioning tanks now installed on the roof and the pipework arrived over the Christmas period. We hope to begin bottling some time in January.

New Recipes

Having had a little more time over the last few weeks we have tweak our recipes to improve on the originals. Those changed over the last few weeks include Clovis Point Brown, Prehistoric Amber and Neanderthal. The Clovis has been balanced slightly better, with a touch less malt allowing to hops to stand out a bit clearer. With the Prehistoric Amber we removed the small amount of darker malts leaving the Amber malt as the main character malt and and removing the hint of malt bitterness. The Neanderthal has has a slightly simplified malt profile which makes it smoother and more easy drinking.

We have also changed the way we dry hop our ales which should give a more consistent result than the previous approach.

We have a new beer coming out by the end of the month which will be a stout called Cavedweller. It is 5.8% is brewed with East Kent Goldings hops to provide a fairly traditional stout.

A Quick Post


Its my second week as a full time caveman so in theory I now have loads of time to blog and do all the things I have been meaning to do for ages.. Unfortunately that list is quite long, so just a quick blog entry for now. The brewery is looking nice and shiny at the moment, we have just stripped down and rebuilt the heat exchanger and the malt auger is next on the list.

The rest of the list largely revolves around getting out to pubs and selling some beer, although i had a bit of light relief on Friday working with the guys at Uglyboy on a promo video for the brewery. Slightly worried they are going to pimp me out on some internet dating website, but otherwise it seemed to go well. I guess ill post a link to it here when they have edited it, assuming it isn't too horrific