Like the cavemen that came before us we are constantly experimenting to create our perfect beer. Below are some of our previous seasonal brews.


THE stout 5.2%

We love our dark beers at Caveman Brewery. Its probably all the time we spend in the dark underground. This Stout was brewed with Chocolate and Black malts and hopped with some Bramling Cross and East Kent Goldings. We have recently used this beer as a base recipe for Mogao Stout which added Cacao Nibs and Ginger into the brewing process (with a few tweaks to the malt bill too - I cant help meddling!).


The Common AncestorS 6.5% and 3.5%

A parti gyle in which a big Rye IPA was run off from the mash tun into the kettle and brewed as normal, we then refilled the mash tun with water and mashed and steeped the grains again to produce a 3.5% rye pale. The beers were hopped with the same hops (albeit in different quantities to avoid a super bitter 3.5% beer!) to produce two related, but quite different beers.


Hunter Gatherer 3.5%

Part of our involvement in the Kent Green Hop Fortnight. We brewed this beer with a van load of East Kent Goldings hops fresh from a farm in Faversham. The hops went from field to boil in less than 6 hours.


Barnfield Red 4.4%

Another Kent Green Hop beer. In an attempt to offer something a little different we brewed a malty red ale using plenty of crystal malts and then loaded it to the brim with fresh hops straight from the farm.



The second beer we ever made. A single hop Chinook, but we added Amber malt to give a roasty character to the beer which we felt really complimented the Chinook hops. Some people prefer to keep the malt body simple so the drinker can discern the influence the hop is having on the flavour but we felt there were enough single hop beers out there doing that already.